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Field Service Directors


Matt Beverly - IFT Field Service Director

Matt has serviced Local 504 since 2009. Prior to his role as an FSD, he was a high school English teacher, and the school newspaper/year-book advisor, at Grant Community High School, from 1997 - 2009, where he was also a council officer and served on multiple bargaining teams.

Matt believes good things happen in the union through teamwork, especially when those teams establish a healthy mix of kindness, transparency and accountability.

Matt serves Diamond Lake, Lake Villa, Tech Campus, Warren, Waukegan Teachers, Waukegan Psychologists, Waukegan Professional Support Staff & Woodland Councils.

IFT Field Service Director

Matt Beverly


Sydney Ryan - LCFT Field Service Director

Sydney has serviced Local 504 since 2019. She started as a part-time FSD servicing Emmons and Beach Park PSY/SW councils. As of July 2022, Sydney moved to full time and will be working closely with all other field staff to ensure a smooth transition.

Prior to her role as an FSD, Sydney was a teacher and librarian at Emmons School in Antioch. She retired from teaching after 24+ years in the classroom.

Sydney serves Beach Park Psychologists and Social Workers, Beach Park Staff, CLC-AFO, CLC Staff, Emmons, Grayslake Teachers, Gurnee Teachers, North Chicago, SEDOL, Winthrop Harbor, Zion-Benton Teachers & Retiree Councils.

LCFT Field Service Director

Sydney Ryan


Cameron Sweeney - IFT Field Staff Director

Cameron has serviced Local 504 since 2021.

Cameron has a passion for protecting the rights of workers and building solidarity amongst members. She has experience servicing and organizing private and public K-12 teachers, PSRP, and Higher Education.

Cameron is a member of the Grayslake community where she resides with her three children.

Cameron serves Big Hollow, Grant, Grayslake PSRP, Libertyville/Vernon Hills Teachers, Libertyville/Vernon Hills ESP, Millburn Teachers, Millburn PSRP, Prairie Crossing Teachers, Prairie Crossing PSRP's, Waukegan Paraprofessionals and Zion Benton Trades Councils.

IFT Field Staff Director

Cameron Sweeney

Office Staff


Sue Eberle - Bookkeeper & Support Staff

Sue came to LCFT in 1996 after previously working as the bookkeeper at Grant High School. After working at Grant for seven years, coming to the Union was a natural progression because it has allowed her to stay involved in education.

Sue is proud to be a part of an organization which plays such an active role in shaping the future of education and provides for the needs of teachers and support staff. As the bookkeeper, she is responsible for tracking dues and paying bills.

Sue looks forward to assisting you in any way and to meeting you either in person at the Union Hall or on the phone.

Bookkeeper & Support Staff

Sue Eberle


Heather Heiden - Membership Director & Support Staff

Heather started with LCFT in 2021 and has quickly become integrated into Local 504. Prior to coming to LCFT, she served as support staff for almost 8 years to the teachers, superintendent, board of education and administration of Emmons School.

Heather works closely with the council leaders to keep LCFT’s membership in tip top shape. She is also part of the LCFT team here to help you when you have questions.

Heather is excited to be with such a great organization that allows her to continue to be involved in education. She looks forward to seeing or talking with you!

Membership Director & Support Staff

Heather Heiden

Executive Committee


Dennis Duffy - President

Dennis has taught history, government and law at Libertyville High School for the last sixteen years. Prior to teaching, he practiced law in and around Chicago. Dennis has led the Libertyville-Vernon Hills Council for the past ten years. At the LCFT, Dennis has served on the PAC, LCFT Steering and IEC committees.


Dennis Duffy


Brian Smith - Treasurer

Brian has been a college philosophy instructor his entire career, and a member of IFT for over 40 years. In 2008, Brian joined LCFT, and served in a multitude of leadership roles and on several committees. Brian served on the Interim Executive Council and the Interim Finance Committee during the AFT Trusteeship.


Brian Smith


Andy Friedlieb - Vice-President

Andy began teaching high school math in 1998 and taught at Waukegan High School from 2002-2018 when he became the full time President of Waukegan Teachers Council. Andy is also an Illinois Federation of Teachers Vice President.


Andy Friedlieb


Deborah Lawson - Vice-President of Membership Engagement

Debby taught at North Chicago for 35 years. She serves as the president of the North Chicago Council, as well as many leadership roles at the LCFT. Debby is also a IFT Vice President, as well as a nationally certified trainer through the AFT’s ER&D.

Vice-President of Membership Engagement

Deborah Lawson


Deborah Phelps - Secretary

Deb has been with Waukegan Public Schools for the past 27 years where she proudly served as an Elementary School Secretary and has been the Applications and System Support Specialist in WPS60’s Tech Department for the last 22 years. Deb served as President of the Waukegan Professional Staff and has been active with the LCFT for 23 years.


Deborah Phelps


Kelly Regnier - Vice-President of Political Action/COPE

Kelly is an English and Theatre teacher at Zion-Benton Township High School, where she serves as the ZBFT President. She previously served for almost 20 years as the Communications Director of LCFT. Kelly has attended every IFT and AFT convention since 2004 and is an IFT Vice-President representing local 504 on the IFT Executive Board.

Vice-President of Political Action/COPE

Kelly Regnier


Erik Solomon - Vice-President of Defense

Erik has been with the College of Lake County since 1993 as the Lead HVAC Engineer and with Adjunct Faculty since 1994. He joined the CLC Staff Council in 1993 where he served as the council president. Erik was elected VP of the CLC Adjunct Faculty in 2019.

Vice-President of Defense

Erik Solomon


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